Ageing populations mapped out

Japan has the largest ageing population in the world, with more than 54 000 centenarians celebrating their birthdays last year. About a quarter of its 127 million people are already aged 65 or over and that is expected to swell to about 40% by the middle of the century. To see how the rest of the world shapes up, check out this interactive map that uses UN data to predict how the global population will look in the future.


2 comments on “Ageing populations mapped out

  1. That is a really interesting article. I would be interested to know Japan handles the resources for the ageing population.


    • bonniepaton says:

      Handling these demographic changes is certainly a challenge. Japan’s ageing population imposes a large financial burden and in conjunction with extremely low birth rates the nation will become increasingly dependent on an ever-smaller working age population.

      Academics working in international affairs have proposed 4 main policy solutions to help bolster tax revenue for healthcare. The government should take measures to help people to stay in the workforce longer and retire later, encourage more women to remain in the workforce, implement policies that enable people to have families as well as careers and promote the immigration of skilled migrants. You can read more about this issue here:


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